What's up Science?

Earth History & the Geologic Timescale

Wasn't building rockets a blast!? We have finished covering the Astronomy unit, and will turn our attention to our planet Earth. Now is the time to uncover the the story of Earth's history and start learning Earth's structures. It is important to recognize that the Earth has many different parts. These parts, or systems, interact with one another and can change due to changes happening in another system. For example, when we mine land for minerals, chemicals can leach out and be washed into waterways. To understand these connections, Earth is broken into four spheres: Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere. Can you guess which sphere we are going to learn first?

Now Presenting... Ms. Husemann!

A Bit about Me

I am so very excited to get to know all of my upcoming students in Mr. Kirman's science class! To share a bit about myself, I am a native Dubuquer and am a Washington alumni. I am a daughter and a sister, but not yet an aunt. My family and friends think I am a nerd. When I am not busy with school, I spend much of my free time with my two, very large and hairy dogs, Brewtus and Jango. We like to take adventures to the woods, river, or any place we can run around. I like to share my knowledge of the world through outreach programs. My family and friends think I am a nerd. I also put forth an effort to participate in local service events or charities, such as the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.

I am a Biology & Secondary Education Science major at the University of Dubuque who is dedicated to their mission to provide a quality, caring and effective learning environment for all students. I understand that science is not everyone's best subject. For this reason, I hope that they take with them the desire to question and to seek out answers by using the process of science. Developing a good background on science facts and concepts is very important, but developing a method to analyze a situation and come up with a solution to a problem will be a skill required in any field. Our goal is to gain the skills needed to succeed in life and make a positive influence in our community.

4 C's of Team Work

Communication --Exchange information

Collaboration--Work together

Creativity --Be creative!

Critical Thinking -- Problem solve

These are the four ideas that I want my students to recognize and develop further. I have a feeling they will feel positive about team work when everyone is working towards a student-chose goal that gives them an opportunity to utilize their strengths.

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Earth: A History (HD - 720P)

Friendly Reminders

Classroom Rules

1.Treat everyone with respect

2. Come to class prepared

3. Follow directions

4. Leave no trace

5. Question Everything

Homework Policy

1. If absent, students must come to the teacher at the beginning of the first returning day of class to pick up any missing assignments.

2. Absent students will be allowed the same amount of time to do the work as originally assigned.

3. Points will be subtracted for missing or late assignments the longer the assignment is not turned in.

4.Homework assignments will not be accepted after we take the related chapter test.

Fossil Lab: Graf,Iowa

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