Explore the 4 Levels of Industry

By: Molly Macheca

Explore the 4 Levels of Industry

Level 1: Agriculture

Agriculture means the gathering and processing of raw material.

Ex: Strawberries

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How it works

In more detail agriculture is when the raw material is planted and collected. When it gets planted the seed is carefully placed on the ground or is thrown depending on the plant. When the plant is an adult the raw material is picked from each plant.

2nd level: Manufacturing

Manufacturing means taking raw material and turning it into a product.

Ex:Strawberry icecream.

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#2 how it works

Manufacturing is when the raw material is taken and mixed with other materials such as sugar cream and milk. When it is mixed It turns it into the food we eat such as ice cream. Then they put their product into some type of container like boxes bottles and cans and then it is shipped out.

3rd Level: Wholesale, transportation, retail

Whole sale- sell products to retailers

Ex: Bluebell

Transportation- Takes products from wholesale to retail

Ex: Delivery Truck

Retail-Sells products that are bought from Wholesale to consumers

Ex: Walmart, Kroger

#3 how it works

Wholesale, transportation, and retail comes after the product is made and put into its container. First the wholesalers sell their products to retailers. In order to get there they have to have transportation like a boat or a delivery truck. Then when it gets to the retailers they sell the product to the public.

4th Level-Service

-The advertisement of the product

Ex: Belle the singing cow, Blue bell commercial

Belle The Singing Cow

#4 How it works

After the retailers start selling the product they need advertisement to show the public they need this product. This is where service step comes in they create advertisement like commercials and ads in newspapers to get the public to see that they "need" this product.


The video came from YouTube posted by, Texas Humor. All info came from Mrs. Mapes a middle school teacher.


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