Dead City

By Xavier Little written by James Point/ Mrs.Skinner bock 4

Molly Bigelow

Molly Bigelow is a very smart girl that goes to a school that takes a lot of effort to stay in. She gets her smarts from her mom who died that summer because of cancer, and the only thing that the mom left her was a necklace with a horse shoe on it. Later that year she learned that she has become a very good zombie hunter! Some of the main rules that she has to follow is that she can't tell anyone, she has to keep her grades up, and she can't go into dead city. Dead city is where all the zombies live. She is very courageous and has a sense of adventure, but she just can't stop herself.


The theme of this book is don't be shy and don't only rely on yourself. You need friends to help you through the hard and the bad times. Family and friends are the two main things that help you through hard times. Without these two main people in your life you would be a lot harder. This means to me that you need people in your life.


One of the main symbols in the book is the omega necklace that was given to Molly when she was young. The necklace stands hope and love. It is the only thing she had left of her mother that is special to her. The sign on the necklace is the sign of the group of zombie hunters.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict Molly has is that she needs to find out who chased her and her mom when she was little girl. While this chase was going on she got afraid of heights. When she learned that her mom was a zombie killer she stepped up game just a little bit more for her. Later when she finds out her mom was killed she was determined to find out who did it. this book is man vs. man


My recommendation for my book was four stars. this book was very well written book but it did have It's bad parts in it as well. I am a big fan of the author and i hope to read more of him soon. I loved this book over all and I do suggest reading it in the future if you ever get the chance