Homeschool Thru Highschool...

And Love It!

Parents of 7th-12th Grade Students...

  • Are you interested in a college preparatory program grounded in a Christian Biblical worldview?
  • Would you like an experienced tutor to walk alongside you and your child through upper level math, literature, foreign language, and science labs?
  • Can you imagine your child experiencing mock trial and debate while practicing dialectic and rhetorical skills sets weekly within a Christ centered environment?
  • Do you need affordable help, guidance, and encouragement from an experienced home school parent and tutor to continue your educational journey successfully?

Classical Conversations' Challenge programs will offer you a proven method of successfully educating your child through the junior and senior high years.

The Challenge programs are for students 12 years and older. We offer rigorous academics, leadership from trustworthy mentors, and positive peer pressure. Challenge programs are designed to cultivate wisdom and virtue through a classical, Christian structure.

Community, autonomy, and training at your fingertips! Come and hear how you and your student can enjoy, thrive, and love homeschooling through high school.

Info meeting for Challenge Program (7th-12th grade)

Sunday, Jan. 17th, 2pm

At a home in Timberlake neighborhood (S. Shades Crest Rd)

RSVP for exact address (map is generic)

Classical Conversations Christian Homeschool Program Explained