South Carolina Colony

Founded in 1633

Founding of the Colony

South Carolina Colony was founded from King Charles II by eight English nobles with a Royal Charter. It was called the Charter of Carolina.However, Spanish explorer, Francisco Gordillo, first explored the coastal regions of this colony when he sailed into the coast, but did not try to settle.Later, Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon tried to settle hundreds of people in the Winyah Bay area, but returned to Santo Domingo. French made their presence in 1562. The English caught sight of this colonial area 130 years before they actually settled, when John Cabot arrived in 1497.

**Fun Fact: North and South Carolina were the same colony until 1729**

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  • Meaning of the name: Carolina comes from the Latin name Carolus, which is translated to Charles to honor Charles IX from France and King Charles I and II from England.
  • Split into North and South, in 1712,because one Carolina was too big to be governed by just one governor.
  • Since it was in the south on the coast, it had very humid and hot, which allowed the growth of plantations that provided many crops such as: tobacco, rice, sugar, cotton, and indigo. The agriculture helped support the colony economically.
  • Being on the coast allowed easy access to trade their crops, they were concentrated on the agriculture of the colony.
  • Governed as a Royal colony.
  • Many natural resources: fish, timber, good land for agriculture
  • Main religion: Anglican
  • 1/4 of the southern colonies

What's Happening? BIG,BIG THINGS!(some of the colonies major events)

1699- Guaranteed religious freedom by the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina

1670- Major city of Charles Town (Charleston) was created

1700- 98 people killed in a Hurricane

1712- South Carolina divided from North Carolina

1715-1717- Yemassee Indian Wars create tension & killings

1719- Rebellion against Lords Proprietors... James Moore is elected the governor

1769- Establishment of Nine judicial district

1774- First Continental Congress

1775- First Provincial Congress met

Important People

Settle Here Now!!

The colony of South Carolina would be a great place to settle, the weather is warm all the time, crops flourish in the fertile soil, and trade is amazing with all of the natural resources and crops that come here! You would be missing out if you did not take this opportunity!