WCASD Coding Resources

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Are you looking to bring coding and robotics into your home?

If you're interested in bringing robotics and coding into your home to shift your child's thinking from iPad based games to coding, check out our recommendations below.

  • Dash and Dot - Get your students Block coding using the free Blockly app!

  • Ozobots - These little robots use color-coding and are super fun for K-5 students

  • Bee Bots - Try these robots for K/1 students to help them learn directional coding

  • Makey Makey - Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything inbetween.

Coding Resources

WCASD Coding Resources

Have students scan the QR code to the right to access the Hour of Code Resources and be able to click the links to navigate to the sites, or click here!

Unplugged Activities

Visit Code.org's CS Fundamentals Unplugged for lesson plans and resources to go unplugged with coding! Teach students about algorithms with paper airplanes or computational thinking with Monsters!

Click here, or click the image to view the lessons!

More CS Unplugged...

Click here for more unplugged activities to get students interacting with coding concepts without devices!

Kodable for K-2

Looking to have K-2 students code beyond December? We hope so!

If so, consider creating free student accounts for Kodable. Once you create your account and upload your roster (quick copy and paste...or use student numbers), students use the iPad app, type in the class code and select their name.

Students progress through levels that become increasingly more challenging the further along they get.

Click here to create your free Educator account and get started!