Martha Carson's Class Newsletter

October 10, 2015

First Community Trip for this School Year - Rivercut Golf Course

Thanks to Mr. Rick Grayson for providing the funding for transportation and lunch for our fabulous trip to Rivercut Golf Course! All of our friends assembled near the only playgound slide in the WORLD shaped like a giant golf bag where Mr. Grayson told us about the course and let us know when lunch would arrive. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed trying to use the kid-sized golf clubs and putters with brightly colored tennis balls on the special greens provided for us.

We concentrated most of our golfing time on a green set up with several round Velcro targets. With help from our adults, we held the club the best we could and hit the ball from the ground toward the target. Our balls rolled close to the close! One friend or two decided the best way to hit the target was to just pick up the ball and throw it! BAM! It stuck to the target!!! Not exactly golfing, but good problem solving! Right?

When we had all tried our luck at the Velcro targets, Ms. Martha decided it was time to try our skills on a putting green with several holes. We tried to try to sink our brightly colored balls into the holes. It was fun but we were getting hungry and the sun was getting warmer. Ms. Martha had us put up our golf clubs and balls so we could slide and cool off in the shade! Yay! That slide was SO fun!

After playing for a while, pizza and Kool-Aid Koolers were delivered! We had a picnic style lunch in the shade of some trees and that very special slide. Two boys from Mrs. Buff's kindergarten class and two girls from Mr. McCoy's fourth grade class were our buddies for this trip. They all were very nice and helpful! We enjoyed eating our lunch with them in that sweet shady spot. The time came to load the buses and get back to school.

What a wonderful first trip for this year! See some pictures below. We can't wait to go on our next adventure!
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Learning About the Letter A Leads to Baking Apple Treats

We started learning about the letters Aa, things that start with a and sounds a makes in words. Our favorite song was "Hooray for A" by the Storybots! On Friday, we invited Mr. Rush's class to help us make tasty apple treats. They smelled scrumptious baking and tasted super delicious on top of vanilla ice cream! Yummy!

We shared some of our apple treats with Mrs. Young and Ms, Rachelle, our School Secretary. Ms. Rachelle enjoyed our treat so much, she made us crowns! Check out our pictures below.

Next week we will keep on learning about Aa as we review the other letters we've studied so far...Hh, Ee, Rr, and Oo.