SSHS Library Newsletter

Spring/Summer Edition, 2018

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College Library Unit

It's that time of year! Seniors visited the library to learn about the amazing resources they will have available to them at their college library next year.

They also learned how to use some helpful tools for their assignments, including: Canva, Smore, Padlet, Symbaloo, Prezi, Emaze, Screencastify, and others.

The Canva flyer to the right was made by Amber Urban, to advertise the cool features she learned about the Moorpark College Library.

Seniors culminated this week-long unit by creating a Weebly website that will act as a "Personal Learning Space" (PLS) of resources that will help them research and complete homework assignments in college. Our Troubadours will be ready to WOW their professors.

To view one of these websites, click on the link below to view the PLS created by Riana Orf. You can also click on the pic of the flyer (below) that Rebeka Romano used to create her Canva poster.

Recommended Links

Click on the link below to view the recommended links in Padlet:

or click on any of the icons below to access these recommendations.

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Our school-wide resource sharing slideshow is ready to go. We hope everyone contributes their favorite resources. Again, come share ideas; come get ideas. Watch our slideshow grow this summer.

3 Hot books at the SSHS Library

Here are 3 of the most popular books in the SSHS Library right now.

Library Snapshot

So far this year, the library has circulated over 8,000 textbooks and over 3700 library books.

The ACE classes with the most checkouts are:

  • White
  • Forbes, C
  • Hazlewood
  • Forbes, T
  • Golden
  • Cherbak-Boyd
  • Davis
  • McAllister
  • Mendoza-Martinet
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Newsletter Quiz - Famous TV Moms

Everyone who answers all of the questions correctly by the end of lunch today (5/14) will be entered into a drawing. I will select one winner at 1:00, and they will win our trivia prize.

In honor of Mother's Day, name the TV show in which these famous mothers starred:

  1. June Cleaver
  2. Marion Cunningham
  3. Lucy Ricardo
  4. Clair Huxtable
  5. Jill Taylor
  6. Marie Barone
  7. Peggy Bundy
  8. Edith Bunker
  9. Caroline Ingalls
  10. Claire Dunphy
  11. Elyse Keaton
  12. Miss Elie Ewing
  13. Maggie Seaver
  14. Laura Petrie
  15. Harriette Winslow