jocey (:

jocelyn perez 5A

Something i wouldn't change in mind about

  • if someone tells me that am not gonna make it to collage, since both of my parents didn't went i'm definitely going to ignore it i would make it collage and graduate no matter what it takes
  • eating a lot of junk food

things that i LOVE!!!

  • Food
  • my phone
  • my mom and my dad
  • my sisters
  • shopping

My future goals

My goals are to graduate from high school with good grades and pass all my test i need to pass. Then i want to go to college to study RN nurse and graduate . After that i'm going to work on a hospital and still study to be a doctor. With the money i get from when i work am going to spend it with my parents by going to places and give them whatever they want because they deserve it.