Topics for Tea/Thursday Fursday


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Thursday "Fursday"--Bring your pet to class

"Thursday Fursday" (Every Thursday - 30 mins)

Using the Virtual Spirit Week data, "Bring Your Pet to Class" was one of the days that had the most engagement/participation from our students. So I wanted to host an event that would build on their interest of animals. In partnership with the Malcolm X Library and the San Diego Human Society, every Thursday, we will host a 30 minute Zoom session where students will have a virtual visit from various animals at the San Diego Human Society. During our first session, on Dec. 10th, we will take a virtual tour of their site, take a peek at different animals, and allow students to ask questions along the way. The sessions would be led by Staci Hurley who is a community outreach employee at the San Diego Human Society. I will attend all sessions as well to support her and our participants. Our overall goal is to be able to continue this program once we return to on-campus learning and provide students with the opportunity to engage with animals in person in small group setting

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Topics for Tea--Every Tuesday in partnership with the Malcolm X Library

"Topics & Tea" (Every Tuesday - 30 mins)

In partnership with the Malcolm X Library, this event gives our students the opportunity to simply chat with their school mates about life. The casual conversations will be led by our participants and we will have an organic discussion about anything that's on their mind such as: current events, world issues, goal setting, and how to empower each other while enjoying a few snacks and beverages. This event will be led by myself and Uyen Tran (who is an employee at the Malcolm X Library) and is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, December 8th.

The events are open to all students and staff members who would like to attend and will be ongoing throughout the school year with the flexibility to monitor and adjust as needed based on the needs and feedback from our participants.