Social Media & Mobile Marketing

By: Amanda Dailey & Isabella Bair

What is a Director of Social Media and Mobile Marketing?

They are both in the field of mobile communication. There are varies companies that

control all social media and mobile marketing. Social media are things like Twitter,

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. mobile marketing uses personalized info that promote

goods, services, and ideas.

Job Requirements

You are required to have a BA degree in communications or another related field. For

director of social media you have to have at least 2-3 years of experience in a social media

environment. While working in these fields you are needed to have a four year college

degree in public relations, marketing and advertising, and writing. You are essential to

prove that you understand the use of social media and its role in business. To succeed the

most in this field we recommend you to be self motivated, eager for a challenge. You will

have to balance your life with your work. For this job it is highly recommended for you to

have an advanced understanding of web technology.

Job Duties

Your job duties will be creating social media campaigns and managing and delivering all

social media activities for clients. You will have to post and keep active on all social media.

The company will need you to build a strong presence on Google+. For these jobs you are

required to update all of the social media. Part of your job duties will be carrying out of all

social media activities.

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