Math About Me

by Katelyn O'Connor

Who wants some Pi?

I love the number 3.14. It's one of my favorite numbers. That's because, it's my birthday. My birth-date was 3/14/06. So I was born on Pi-day. I also like to think of my self as a well-rounded person.

Tessellation Station

A tessellation is a pattern. Honey combs are a tessellation. I like working with patterns and tessellations. That's because I want to become a fashion designer when I grow up. Along with being a lawyer, teacher, pop star, ballerina, and a doctor.

Some Tessellations:

You can find patterns everywhere


I love to say that word. It's fun to say. I love fun words. Some other words that are fun to say are: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and onomatopoeia. Fun fact: The Rhombicosidodecahedron has 240 faces!!!!!!!

Square Numbers

You have to know your square numbers and square roots to get though daily life. When I grow up I'll want to have a tiled patio. It will be square. How will I want to tile that? Will it be 2x2? 3x3? 4x4? 5x5? What if my patio is 16 sq. ft.? What will I use? But since I know that the square root of 16 is 4, I will use 4x4. Also, you could do 2x?=16 3x?=16 4 x?=16 and 5 x?=16
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All this cool math info came from:

G is for Google by David M. Schwartz


all were found on Google Images

Some of my favorite equations:

1. 4x6=24

2. 4x8=32

3. 3x8=24

4. 4x4=16

5. 8x8=64