The Dirt Diary

By: Ana Staniszewski

Don't drag someone down to pick yourself up!

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"Briana told everyone, and I've been the butt of jokes ever since."

realistic Fiction

In the book The Dirt Diary by Ana Staniszewski, the main character, Rachel was working as a maid. Once people at Rachel’s high school began to find out she was a maid, she was bullied more than ever before. Rachel was the kind of girl who made up lies to fit in because no one liked her. She was always the student sitting in the back row of the classroom with nobody around her. Briana Riley, was the most popular girl in school, she found out that Rachel was a maid and told the entire school. I chose my quote because it shows that one rumor can spread like wildfire. My slogan explains that you shouldn’t bully someone to for the sake of it, because it always hurts someone inside.

By: Sara Conquest