Introducing your Skin to ARBONNE

Prepare to be Impressed

What to Expect:

When you begin using a product that actually works to deep clean the skin, you may experience a few blemishes during the first few days. This is NORMAL. The skin is just purging itself of impurities beneath the surface.

When you begin to use a product that effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, you may experience a little flakiness as old skin is loosened and new cells are brought to the surface.

Prepare for glowing, radiant skin unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

Am I supposed to feel this?

You may awaken with an "oily" feeling on your skin the first few days. After a few cleanses, the dead cuticle will be removed and the night cream will be able to penetrate and nourish your skin more effectively.

A "dewy" or "moist" feeling on your skin means that you have pH correct skin! This is what your skin is supposed to feel like.

Kristyl Kepley, Arbonne Independent Consultant

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