Wired on Wednesday

November 4, 2015

Google Docs - Voice Typing

If you've never used speech-to-text technology, know this...it's a game changer! For some, this technology seems like something out of science fiction, but it really is here and boy, its handy, especially when brainstorming! Google recently has added speech-to-text as an optional tool in Google Docs. Our favorite ed tech guru, Richard Byrne, has created a quick 1 minute video to show how easy it is to use 'voice typing' in Google Docs. On his blog he's also shared tips & tricks to have the most user friendly experience possible when trying this tech out. Check it out!

New Chrome Office 365 extension!

We're geeking out over this! Microsoft is bringing Office to you wherever you are...even in Googleland! For the many of us who use Chrome as our internet browser of choice, there is a new extension that lets you create and open your Office 365 stuff (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. files) right from your Chrome! Click here using the Chrome browser to get the new Office Online extension.

Discovery Education Accounts

Don't forget new logins have been created for all FHSD students & staff to use with Discovery Education! This means you can now easily create classes and make assignments directly in DE or link your assignments to your Google Classroom. DE is a wonderful resource that is often overlooked. If you are interested in using it in your classroom and need assistance getting started, contact Andrea or Kelly.

Login credentials for teachers and students are as follows:


Username: District Username ie (asblack)

Password: EmployeeID# ie (12345)


Username: District Username ie (asblack456)

Password: StudentID ie (123456)

There may be a few login issues for teachers that had accounts earlier. If you have a problem logging in, let Andrea or Kelly know and we will contact Andy Black to correct the problem.

Have you upgraded to iOS 9 yet?

Many of us have iPhones and if you haven't already upgraded to iOS 9, we encourage you to do so. There are many new features, some subtle (but awesome), that help productivity. For example, when you're in an app, have you seen the 'back to previous app' in the top left corner of your screen? So handy!

Its helpful things like this that make this upgrade recommendation-worthy! Check out Macworld's top 25 new features list.