How does a.d.d affect teens?


who am i?

I am Dayton Borisouth i have add. Lately i been struggling in school and i started to wonder was the add causing me to not focus good enough? my 3 best hobbies are spending time with my family, hanging with friends, and running.


teens with add tend to get distracted easily by other teens, thoughts, or noises."Someone with ADHD may begin to fall way behind other young people of the same age at school, even though they would be able to do well if their ADHD was under control."

What I already knew about add

add is attention deficit disorder. that causes people to be easily distracted.

A.D.D and A.D.H.D are basically the same thing but people with A.D.H.D are more hyper than people with A.D.D who just tend to daze off more like those kids that seem like they are always in another world.
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affects of a.d.d/a.d.h.d

how does a.d.d affect students progress in school? how does it make it so hard to focus on there work that doesn't interest them?

affects of a.d.d/a.d.h.d part 2

when people with a.d.d try to read a really long book or reading section in a test that doesn't interest them it is way harder than it seems like it would be. for instants some people get really shaky like they shake their legs a lot or have to be moving some part of there body and they tend to get easily distracted they could read a word that reminds them of something that happened not that long ago and they get off track. or the littlest sounds could make them forget every word they read even tho the read it 1 minute ago.