Isabel's Vacation

By Christina Zuzu

What was in her suit case?

Mostly it was food and a pair of cloths but there were 3 special objects she brought with her. One of the objects was a corn husk doll that she had made for her little sister Ruth. Her sister was sold to a man far away, and that is all she has left of her little sister. "I worked on Ruth's corn husk doll that night and she loved it",pg58. Isabel also brought a bag of coins that a woman gave to her, her name was Lady Seymore. " 'I can keep it? 'another nod and another nod and a pointed star at the picture of her husband. ' Because I saved the painting?'" pg291. She also brought a map so she could find her way to freedom. "I opened the map flat........... and stuck all of it in my pocket I wore under my skirt" pg289

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My Thought About Isabel

When Isabel came to my house she was a sweet little girl. She looked like she had been through a lot, and she needed a vacation. She had a mark on her face I as an "I". Isabel told me it stood for "insolence", but I saw no insolence in that sweet girl. Isabel wasn't the olny person in my house that week there was a boy that she brought with her. His name was Curzon he was odd, but nice and polite.