Force and Motion

All about Newton and Simple Machines

The Basics of Force and Motion

There are three different laws that Sir Isaac Newton created. There are also six different simple machines that will make work easier for us. A common mistake is that the six simple machines make the amount of work easier, but really the amountnofe work is spread threw out the machine and our body.

In the picture below the poster shows the six simple machines.

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Newton's First a Law of Motion

The apple has stopped, but because of the first law of motion, the worm will keep going because the worm has inertia.

Newton's Third Law of Motion

In the video above you will see the third law of motion in action! The third law of motion says that for every action there is an quale and opposite force. When the jet boosters blow out the fire they have lots of force and fire coming out of them. Because of the forces that the boosters put off, there is an opposite reaction which is the rocket shooting into the sky as shown in the video above.

The Six Simple Machines

There are six diffrent simple machines. The first simple machine is the inclined plane. The second simple machine is the wedge. The next simle machine is screw. Then comes the lever, and the wheel and axle. The last simple machine is the pulley.