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Principal's Weekly Newsletter AUGUST 19-23, 2019

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School-wide book study: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

The Teacher’s Guide for The Energy Bus for Kids by Jon Gordon.

Dear Superstars,

As you work through what I know will be an exciting year, here are a few golden rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy!

1. You’re the driver of your “bus”.

2. Desire, vision, and focus move your bus in the right direction.

3. Fuel your ride with positive energy.

4. Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead.

5. Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus.

6. Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.

7. Post a sign that says “No Energy Vampires” allowed on your bus.

8. Love your passengers.

9. Drive with purpose.

10. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Please join the Positive Passengers Only Bus in spreading all the pirateriffic things transpiring at Shepherd Middle School on the following social media platforms!

Who will be the first to use our social media platform for the 2019-2020 school year? Hence, our twitter hashtag represents Positive Passengers Only- hashtag- #ppo

Pirateriffic Teacher of the Week!

Pirateriffic Student of the Week!

Shepherd Middle School Weekly Visibility Walk: Our Focus area will be Planning Dimension 1.1---The teacher designs clear, well-organized, sequential lessons that reflect best practice, align with standards and are appropriate for diverse learners.

We will start the visibility walks this week!

Shepherd Middle School Weekly Wave Walk: Our Focus Area Will be Champs!

We will start the wave this week!
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To implement CHAMPS students need to understand each word in the acronym. It is important to discuss with them how the system works and your expectations for following it.

  • Conversation: May students converse during this activity? About What? With whom? For how long?
  • Help: How do students get your attention? How do students get questions answered? What do they do while they wait for you?
  • Activity: What is the expected end product of the activity? What is the task or objective?
  • Movement: For what reasons may students get out of their seats? Do they need to ask permission?
  • Participation: What behavior shows students are participating or not participating?
  • Success: No questions for this one. If students are following the CHAMPS method they will be successful.

Post-It. Please ensure you have your POST-IT posted. Also, please have the POST-IT completed to include warm-ups & closures. We will be observing your awesome lessons and closures!

Post-It Strategy: Teacher, attached is are the non-negotiable instructional expectations for each classroom. The expectation is that the following Post-It items are visible at all times for students and administrators. Please note that each department administrator will review the Post-It Strategy with each teacher personally and/or through department meetings this week.
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Shepherd Middle School Parent Contact Log. Please ensure we conduct Positive phone calls and any other student concerns.

Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships (Our community goal#1). Positive phone calls home will be part of SMS school’s story. Please consider sharing via Twitter #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay as well as tag @PBISRewards in your Tweets. We will be great!

Balanced Literacy with ELAR classes! The schedule is noted below.

Every other week this will transpire. Please see Mrs. Sublett's schedule, which is noted below.
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Balanced Literacy for middle school initiative; Independent Reading!

Every three weeks beginning August 23 , 2019, everyone in the building during ADA (3rd period) will silently read for 10 minutes. This is a campus initiative, so if yo do not have a classroom please bring your book and report to any classroom, and help promote literacy at Shepherd Middle School! "Balanced Literacy instruction is focused on shared reading (e.g., the teacher reads aloud to students and asks questions about the text), guided reading (e.g., students read texts at their current ability level and discuss them with the teacher in homogeneous groups), and independent reading (e.g., students self-select books to read on their own)."

Exit tickets are popular method of closing a lesson.

"Exit tickets are popular method of closing a lesson. Think about all the options you have for putting a bow on learning. Do you want to circle back around to content? Reflect on mindset? Make relevant connections?"
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What is my Teacher Reading? Please ensure these are posted outside your doors.

Please ensure you email Ms. Robles the word document with your pasted book information. Ms. Robles will print, cut out the images, and use masking tape just as I did to place on your poster. Promoting Literacy!
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Weekly Events for August 19-23, 2019

*** Lesson plans are due by 10:00 AM every Monday***

***Please inform students registration packets and proof of residence are due by August 23, 2019***

Threshold technique. Greeting kids as they enter = 👍😀 Kudos to Mr. Mook for his threshold technique!!

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