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Pleasing puffing with V2 cigs E Cigarette

Hello friends I am Laura Ervin and I am working with a software company as an IT manager. During my college days, I was getting addicted with tobacco cigarettes and my addiction was grown up with time. But with the introduction of e cigarettes in the market, I switched to e cigarettes 1.5 year back with 2 different brands of rechargeable E Cigs. The first e cigarette I had gave no "throat hit" and had a very difficult draw. That was completely unnatural. The second brand had good taste and a mild throat hit, but its draw, too, was hard & unnatural. After using those two brands, I found that there is no similarity between e cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and therefore, I turned over tobacco cigarettes again. One day, I saw my friend who was using disposable e cigarette of an unknown brand. After that I also tried my third e cigarette that was V2 cigs disposables. I loved it as it was light, soft and ad attractive look. It felt like a regular cigarette in every way, had an easy draw, good smoke volume and a realistic throat hit; even had a neat little plastic "click top" case.

One of the most amazing facts about V2 cigs was the cost, though, was affordable. The disposable allowed me to try different flavors offered by v2 cigs at affordable price. After using disposable, I switched to rechargeable e cigarette of V2 cigs. And now, I am a permanent user of V2 cigs e cigarettes. The V2 rechargeable is perfect for me as it is sleek and light and gives easy draw at affordable cost. I love the fact that I can refill the cartridges by my own at few times. With its superior quality products and reasonable price, V2 cigs reserve a special place in my heart.

With my first trial of V2 cigs, I was surprised that the batteries are lithium-ion, the best and longest lasting type of battery around today. It is the strong reason for me to look further. Now I am using V2 cigs e cigarette from last 1.2 years and I am fully satisfied with it. I know the fact that it is not very easy for first time users to switch to e cigarettes. For them e cigarette reviews proves to be the best method to judge the best electronic cigarette brand that suits with their personality effectively. I love all the flavors and all the kits offered by this brand. There are many e cigarette reviews website that provide relevant information about the available e cigarette brands. Those people who are getting confused about the best suited brand, these reviews prove to the best.