Adaptation In The

Tropical RainForest

The Tropical RainForest!

The Tropical Rainforest is a large area of land that covers about 6% of the earths land surface and is mainly around the belt of the equator.The tropical rainforest also holds about 42,000 different types of plants, animals, and insects. Also it is very HOT and RAINY there, IT can get up to a 100 degrees there and 250 centimeters of rain a year. There is also very little seasonal variation or change in temperature or day length.
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What Lives In The Tropical Rainforest?

Plants? Animals? Insects? How about all! The tropical rainforest is very large and has a very large variety of different species.  For instence  their are over 42,000 diffrent plants, animals, and insects living there this very second.  Have you ever walked into a rainforest ? Well if u have u know that there is trees water and lots of diffrent species everywere!  

To Much Rain Not Enough Sun!!!

Some plants are dieing out because they are geting to much rain and not Enough sun.  Plants are trying to grow tword the sun for photosynthesis ( which is the process by which the suns rays hit the plant which then goes through a process and is transformed into food) so they may grow.  Most plants are used to a certain amount of water sometimes in the rainforest the plants will get more water than they can take and will dye!  Plants are now trying their best to ADAPT to the enviroment.
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Plant Adaptation

  • drip tips and waxy surfaces allow extra water runoff.
  • buttresses and prop and stilt roots help hold up plants in the shallow soil
  • some plants climb on others to reach the sunlight (This process is called TROPISM)

These are all some adaptations that help plants grow in the rainforest for their own survival!

No More Rainforests!

People are destroying the Rainforest. Rainforests use to cover about 16% of earths land surface. Now it only covers 6% of the earths land surface . That's a whole 10% lost. If mankind goes on with this there will be NO more rainforests!
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Please Save My Home!!!

Tropical Rainforest Food Web!

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