Women's War efforts

How did women affect the war?

What role did women play in the Revolutionary War?

Women participated in many activities related to the American Revolution. Some chose to become involved in political activities through boycotts and became Daughters of Liberty. Others were willing to engage in spying or delivering messages, for either the Loyalists or Patriots. Still others became camp followers, not wanting to be separated from their husbands, fathers, or other loved ones. Since these women were closest to the action, some did become involved int eh actual fighting on the battlefields. Deborah Sampson, disguised herself as a man and served in the Continental Army as Robert Shurtleff for over a year.

It women weren't in the war what might have the resolution been?


Believe it or not women help the war a lot. If they weren't in the war the solders clothes would not have been made. Some of the groups may not have had an American flag to carry while they were in the war. Women played a huge role in the revolutionary war.