1940s Fashion

By: Giana Speranza


In the 1940's, stockings were very popular. They were hard to come by though. That was because they were so popular. Some women had to draw the seams on their bare legs just so they could fit in and wear stockings like everybody else.


Rebels were known as biker. They wore tough work clothes that would be good for riding a mototcyle. They would wear leather jackets, jeans, and whitet-shirts.
Cristobal Balenciaga’s had created a shoulder span hat. It had 'disciplined to the point of severity’. It created a nice line above the curvaceous silhouette.
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Christian Dior made a sublime cocktail dress of 1949. I read that it featured a nipped-in waist and also had spiralling skirt. It was the 1950s look of elegance.
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