Is Birth Order Destiny?

Summery by: Rene Runions

Summary Statements from Article #3~

1. Birth Order is believed to have an influence in someone's personality.

2. Of the many factors to control for, there’s sex of the children, number of years between them (in multiple-child families), and family history, not to mention the right way to study personality.

3. Age of the parents when they had their children also can play a role in their personality.

4. Alfred Adler is the original birth order theorist.

5. Your actual birth order need not have the same impact on you as the birth order you believe you have.

6. Actual and psychological birth order can deviate for a number of reasons, including illness of one child, size of family, and degree of separation between siblings.

7. Your role in the family based on your age may not be same as the role you have come to occupy.

8. The first born child is usually the leader, the one who strives to achieve goals.

9. The middle child is the one who might feel left out and can over compensate with other things in order to avoid being ignored.

10. The youngest child can feel pampered and can be the center of attention more than the others.