4th Grade Update

February Newsletter

Learning Targets

Math: We have just wrapped up the second quarter which was full of all things fractions! Students learned to compare, add and subtract fractions. We also learned about decimal place value and line plots. This month in math we will be learning about geometry: lines, points, rays, angles and shapes.

Language Arts: Last quarter we focused on opinion writing and several reading skills including figurative language, point of view, and text structures. This month we will begin informational writing and work on comprehension of nonfiction texts.

Social Studies: Last quarter we learned all about the Revolutionary War! We are currently discussing the War of 1812 and getting ready to begin studying the Underground Railroad.

Science:In second quarter we focused on Earth science and studied topics such as erosion, weathering and deposition and how those changes to the Earth create landforms. We also used the 3D printer to print out versions of the landforms that we studied. This quarter we are studying physical science. We will be learning about matter, forms of energy and heat transfer. These topics lend themselves to lots of in class demonstrations and labs for the students to complete.

4th Graders Have Asset #42: GRIT!

We have seen a LOT of hard work this past month in 4th grade! A few students who have been spotted REALLY sticking to every task and always giving their best are:

Jimmy Simpson

Deion Hadley

Breniyah Porter

Brian Sinks

Keep up the hard work!

Upcoming Events

February 12: Classroom Valentine's Day Party

**Students may choose to bring in Valentine's Day cards on Friday, Feb.12th, but they are NOT required to do so. If you you do choose to send in Valentines, please make sure that there is one for every student in your child's homeroom class. Thank you!

February 15: President's Day - no school

*Keep an eye out for information about the 4th Grade Greek Mythology Wax Museum!


Fourth graders should be reading 20 minutes every night and filling out their reading logs.

Spelling homework is the same each week: Mondays - write the words 3 times each, Tuesday: write 9 of the words in a complete sentence.