digital etiquette

what is it and how do you use it

digital Etiquette

what you need to know about the Internet if you have never used,you need to make sure that you have good behaviour meaning make sure you acting nicely and being respectful to other people on the internet.when you Google something make sure its not bad.sometimes you don't even know who you are talking to.this is where digital etiquette comes in to etiquette is how you act on the internet.the way you should act is not bulling other people,and it not just with social media its with your Google searches too Google searchers meaning what you look you should be looking up good should really know how to use it before you even touch it,its important to know how to use it because if you don't know how to that could lead you into saying bad things,hurting other peoples feelings,not caring about other,looking up bad things.I really hope that you use and think about this stuff before using the internet and even when you are using the internet.