Epilepsy Awareness - Epilepsy dogs

A Little Knowledge Helps A Lot

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that affects millions of children and adults. People do not know much about epilepsy, but they should.

Epilepsy Dogs

Epilepsy dogs can help people with epilepsy because they can be trained to sense and react quickly to seizures, even before they start.
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Epilepsy dogs can give epileptic people more freedom.

Many epileptics have many seizures and cannot be left alone. I am one of them. An epilepsy dog would give me freedom to go on walks by myself and do other things I cannot do now.

Agenda for Learning about Seizure dogs

10 am - introductions

10:30 am - meet the dogs

10:45 - how dogs detect seizures

11;00 - how to get a dog for an epileptic