School Leadership

In a World of Competition

School Leaders Make a Difference!

In our 2-part seminar we will discuss:

  • Traditional ISD's vs. Charter Schools
  • School Leadership
  • Being Proactive: Tell Our Story

The format of our seminars will include whole group and small group discussions, independent research and reflection, as well as time to develop a proactive plan for sharing your story.

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“...if you just sit still and never do anything bold or new, the world will pass you by.”

Collins & Hansen, 2011, p. 78

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Traditional ISD's vs. Charter Schools

Time for some research:

1. Click on at least two of the links below. Review the similarities and differences of Charter Schools and Traditional Independent School Districts (see links below)

  • Texas ISDs Outperform Charter Schools
  • School Choice: Charters vs. Public Schools
  • Exploring Differences Between Charter & Public Schools
  • Charter schools: Finding out the facts
  • The Power of Choice
  • The Charter School Debate

2. Use the online Venn Diagram to compare and contrast.

2. Venn Diagram to Compare/Contrast Traditional ISD's and Charter Schools

Online Venn Diagram

Please send me a copy of your Venn Diagram at You might want to email yourself a copy as well.

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School Leadership

Strong leaders unite others in accomplishing a vision by appealing to their ideals and inspiring them to change (Kouzes & Posner, 2002).

A leader does more than just share a vision. A leader initiates the journey and invites others to walk alongside him/her knowing that there is the risk of success or failure (Greenleaf, 1977).

Use the information presented in the seminar and the SEDL weblinks (below) to guide your discussion about leadership characteristics.

Discuss: What characteristics will best serve leaders in this world of school change and competition?

Record Your Responses

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Friends of Texas Public Schools

Visit the About Us page and discuss with your neighbor:

What is the purpose of FOTPS and how can that help us with our discussions today?

Spread the Good News!

Take a few moments to read through the Friends of Texas Public Schools entry:

Our Culture's Brightest Gift to the World

Then browse through the Headlines, Opinions and Reports at the bottom of the page.

Be prepared to share at least three sticky notes on

Be Proactive: Tell Your Story


  • Take some time to think through the great things happening at your schools.
  • Work independently or with a partner to list these great things.
  • Write an "Elevator Speech" about one or more of these things that you could share with anyone who asks.
  • Email your Elevator Speech to me ( and to yourself.
  • Be prepared to share your Elevator Speech with the whole group.

Click here for more information about Hello My Name is Public School...

Be Proactive: Website and Beyond


  • Visit your school/district website
  • Review the website with an "outsider's eyes"
  • What is positive about your website?
  • Does it tell your story?
  • What changes do you want to make?
  • Besides your website, how do you "tell your story?"
  • What other tools or methods could you utilize?
  • Email yourself your "Next Steps" for Telling Your Story!
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