My 5 favorite books

Book log

The battle of the Labyrinth

Book- Percey Jackson

tittle- battle of the Labyrinth

Auther- Rick Riordan

Rating- I would rate the book as a 5. Cause I really like the whole series of percent Jackson cause it has to do with Gods and there children and the children are called half bloods cause they are half human half God and it is just very interesting.

Genre- fantasy


Author- Gary Pauisen

Title- hatchet

Rating- I rate this book as a 5 cause I like books that have to do with survival and being trapped in the forest.

Genre- survival

Subject- the subject of the book is that this kid get stuck in the woods with just a hatchet and with out the hatchet he would not of made it out cause the hatchet did every thing for him and made a fire for him and it got sticks for him.

Percy Jackson Titans curse

Title- Titans curse

Author- Rick Riordan

Rating- I would rate it as a 5.

Why I think that- I the it hat cause I like all of those books cause I like all of his books cause they are interesting.

Subject- of it is that these guys Percy Grover and Annabeth have to go in this maze before Luke does cause if Luke gets the labyrinth it could be the end of the gods.

Genre- fantasy

Titans curse

The shadow project

Author- Herbie Breennan

Rating-I would rate this book as a 2

Title- The shadow project.

Genre- fiction

Subject- The subject and the Main idea of the book is that these two officers see this thing like a shadow with no body and they carter it in these cage with hay cause the shadow can not go through hay.

This was a lot like last year not much has changed but it just a little harder then last year. I have read some new books that I did like and some books that I did not like. But it was a good year. But I did not learn much this year in reading.

But the one thing I did learn this year that I am not that good at k.u at all. I thought it would a little easy but it was not easy at all. It was pretty hard and I did not like it that much this year. But i will do better next year.

I read a lot more books this year than did last year and they were really good books to. But some of the books I did read I did not like that much. I did not like the shadow project that much. Cause it just did not entered the me that much.

But other than that it was a good year and I can't Wate for summer to come.

Write to learn

Dear School Board President,

I'm going to tell you what you could do to get children to read more. You could make some rules about what children can do in their study hall. Most kids are just talking or playing games when they could be reading some books. If you get caught, you will get punished if teachers see you on YouTube or playing games. If you are doing what you posed to be doing, you may get a little treat, or you may be able to go outside. If you start talking to your friend next to you. You will go out to the hall way.

So, you should make it a rule that they have to read when they are not doing anything. I think that they shouldn't play as many video games as some kids do these days. I think of people would just sit down and read a book. We would have lots of books in our hands.

So, kids don't lie about finishing a book, they have to give book talks about every book they have read. You can give them a party if they finish five books in one quarter. They just have to explain the book a lot if they want anything though.

There always a way to make kids read. Even if a kid doesn't like to read about something like a drama book, give them a book about something else. I believe there are books out there for everyone. Everybody has to to at least like to read at least 1 book that they like.

For example, they have to read at least a 200 page book, or it does not count. It can be any book that they want; it just has to be over 200 pages. If they try to lie about finishing the book, they do not get the full credit for the book. If they do not lie, they get the full credit for the book.

What I would like is to have a party or free time. If you finish a couple books, that would be really cool. If they could do that or give some of the kids a break from school, kids would like to read a lot more. Well that is what I think you should do for some of the kids that do not like to read.