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2018 Winter Newsletter

Happy New Year Bruins!!!

I intended to send this newsletter when we returned from the holiday break, but felt it would be best to send it later to address any changes due to the snowstorm.

We had a great fall semester at CCHS! It's hard to believe that the first semester is almost over and we are approaching testing. Please review the information below regarding changes to the testing schedule and school calendar. As always, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

First Semester Exam Schedule

  • Friday, January 19, 2018
    • 8:00 a.m.-1st Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams and CTE Exams.
    • 12:00 p.m.-4th Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams and CTE Exams.
  • Monday, January 22, 2018
    • 8:00 a.m. 2nd Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams and CTE Exams.
    • 12:00 p.m.-3rd Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams, and CTE Exams.
  • Tuesday, January 23, 2018-8:00 a.m. English II EOC.
  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018-8:00 a.m. Biology and Math I EOC.
  • Thursday, January 25, 2018-8:00 a.m. All make-up Exams.
  • Friday, January 26, 2018 will now be a teacher work day and second semester classes will begin on Monday, January 29, 2018

School Year Calendar Changes

A list of calendar changes for the 2017-2018 school year has been approved by the Board of Education. Here are some of the highlights.

January 22nd- Now a school day

January 26th-Now a Teacher work day

January 30th-Report Cards

February 9th-Now a full day

February 19th-Now a school day

March 9th-Now a full day

March 30th-Now a school day/End of 3rd nine-weeks grading period

April 11th-Report Cards


Please be aware of the attendance policy at CCHS. Students cannot miss more than eight days in a class and still receive credit for the class. Students are allowed to make up time to receive credit, but this must be done before the start of exams.


We have finalized the plan for graduation for the Class of 2018. We will hold graduation on the football field on Friday, June 8 at 7:00 p.m.

Parent Advisory Council

We are very interested in restarting the Parent Advisory Council that was active the past several years. We would like to have a meeting in early February. If you are interested in participating, please contact Mr. Berry at

Farm Fresh 1, 2, 3, 4

We love our Farm Fresh for the Community supporters!

A big thanks to everyone who has been scanning our school´s key tags and helping Camden County High School earn free equipment each time they shop at Farm Fresh! The program runs until May 31, so keep on shopping! If you need a key tag, please contact me or pick one up in the front office from the display.

What's Happening This Week:

January 15 2018

Holiday-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Basketball @ ECSU

January 16, 2018

January 17, 2018

January 18, 2018

January 19, 2018

8:00-1st Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams, and CTE Post-Assessments

12:00-4th Period NC FInal Exams, Teacher Exams, and CTE Post-Assessments

Basketball @ Perquimans

What's Happening Next Week:

January 22, 2018

8:00-2nd Period NC Final Exams, Teacher Exams, and CTE Post-Assessments

12:00-3rd Period NC FInal Exams, Teacher Exams, and CTE Post-Assessments

January 23, 2018

English II EOC

Home Basketball vs. Gates

January 24, 2018

Math I and Biology EOC

USCG Academy Visit

January 25, 2018

Make Up Testing

Home Basketball vs. Plymouth

January 26, 2018

Teacher Work Day

Home Basketball vs. Edenton

Camden County High School


Camden County High School offers diverse opportunities for all students to strive for success.


All students at Camden County High School are provided with multiple avenues to prepare for their future. The diverse Career and Technical Education, Advanced Placement, and college course offerings as well as the Coast Guard Junior Leadership Program equip students with the skills necessary to plan for their future. Our numerous club opportunities, athletics, art programs, and our nurturing environment encourage students to strive for success.

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