“I feel a sense of purpose again.”

“Now that I’ve been able to manifest a happier and more comfortable life for myself, I feel like I have a reason to live again. My life has done a complete 180. I can't tell you how good it feels to WANT to live again. Thank you!”

Karen B. -- Las Vegas, NV

How a rogue group of ex-priests used Jesus’ secret teachings to manifest a life of abundance by using this simple15-minute daily habit

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The God Frequency is a manifestation program that centers around using sound waves to regulate the brain waves. There is no manifestation to learn, and users won’t have to train for hours a day to make a difference.

Everyone wants to build a life that will eventually lead to happiness. However, there are many ways that these plans can go awry. No one wants to go into a marriage that leads to divorce or lose their job, but so many people have been led to believe that these problems are outside of their control. Just because these problems have happened in the past does not mean that they will continue in the future, and it isn’t a matter of money or finding inner peace. Instead, the creators behind God Frequency say that all anyone needs is 15 minutes each day to repeat a new habit that will allow them to manifest greatness.

God Frequency is based on the idea that anyone can perform a miracle in their own life, but they lack the resources needed to tune in to the right frequency. The brain becomes overwhelmed with the negative thoughts, which ultimately create the path for an individual without their conscious awareness. The techniques found in this program will help users realign their minds, bodies, and spirits to give them the ability to perform these miracles in their own lives as they are meant to.

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The creator explains that the “God Frequency” is the theta frequency, and the mind needs to be in tune to activate these manifestation practices fully. For some people, reaching this frequency is simply a matter of becoming a master of certain meditation methods used by Jesus and his disciples. The program will guide users into this high-level meditation that only takes about 15 minutes each day to achieve. The frequency is regulated in the brain with an audio file that is included with the purchase.

Allegedly, this program’s creator was formerly a priest, and he’s even spent time with Pope Francis. However, he says that the secrets found in God Frequency were called heretical, adding that a priest came to him after this meeting and said that the church was afraid of the information being leaked to the public. However, the concept is based on the idea that people can perform miracles in the same way that he did before his death, citing specific Bible references. He explained to his disciples how to repeat his miracles.

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The God Frequency takes advantage of a sound wave therapy that plays two different tones at different frequencies in the ears. The tones are called binaural beats, and simply listening to them helps the brain to synchronize the manifestation that users need to achieve.

Unlike other manifestation programs, users don’t actually need to pursue any specialized meditation or even give up money toward the cause. Instead, they listen to the audio files and allow the frequencies to be regulated in their brain through the sound waves. The scientific community studied the binaural beats and how it impacts the brain, finding that it reduces anxiety, improves mood, enhances concentration, and ultimately regulates brain activity.

The presence of Theta waves simulates physical changes as well. For example, with the right frequency, the body doesn’t produce nearly the same amount of cortisol as it typically would. When the body is stressed, cortisol is produced, which leads to overeating, more stress, and even insomnia. Simply calming the brain enough to eliminate these can greatly impact the success that someone has.

With no skill required, the only action that the user has to take is to make the time for the meditations each day. Since theta waves are quite a large range of frequencies, the creator has found the frequency required to push the brain into manifestation territory.

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Purchasing God Frequency

Though God Frequency’s creator’s remark that this program is easily worth $1,000 to $1,500, the cost is actually much lower. For individuals that want to make this purchase today, the cost of the entire program by Jacob X is only $37.

All of the content is available as a digital product, which means that users should be able to access the materials within minutes after their purchase goes through. There is no subscription fee to continue to have access, offering everything that the user needs from the moment they make the payment.

As a way to make this product more appealing to users now, Jacob X has also included a binaural beat audio file called the Love Frequency. The Love Frequency helps users that have previously dealt with frustrating and declining relationships, finding themselves unable to be successful with a partner.

Though the creator is fairly confident about this guide’s success, he offers a one-year refund policy to anyone who is dissatisfied with it. However, he recommends sticking with the program for at least 3 weeks to see it for what it is – a solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About God Frequency

Will this program work for individuals who are not spiritual?

Yes. This program is designed to work for anyone. All the user needs are a pair of working headphones and 15 minutes to spare.

Why haven’t Christians read anything about the God Frequency in the Bible?

As creator Jacob X sees it, they have. However, the actual application of this process in someone’s daily life husband concealed by the church. It is unclear if the church were worried that manifestation could happen for anyone or if they were concerned that they would lose power. However, it is now being offered at a relatively low cost to access.

How long will the sale on this program last?

Unfortunately, the answer is not clear. Users that want to secure this price will want to make their purchase sooner rather than later.

Are there any additional charges to order the Love Frequency as well?

Not at this time. Right now, the secondary is free, but it typically costs $199.

To learn other details about this program, the customer service team can be reached by sending an email to customer_support@godfrequency.co

Final Thoughts

God Frequency allows users to take greater control over their life by introducing them to audio files that can regulate their brain waves. Users don’t have to learn any techniques to make the program work for them; they just need to listen to the content’s files. Based on the Biblical concepts, the creator states that users achieve a particular frequency to get the same manifestation power that Jesus and his disciples used. However, the only way to understand the inner workings of the program is to make a purchase.
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To learn more about God Frequency’s sound wave therapy and how it can help you manifest greatness, click here