Legs crossed leaders

equality in the work field

The Problem

Kelly has worked as a maths teacher for over ten years. The position of head of year has recently become available, and kelly is very keen to apply. However, a friend has informed her that, as there is only one position available, it will probably go to male member of staff, as men are more suited to leadership roles. Is that statement unfair? Do you think that both men and women should be treated equally and be able to reach senior positions regardless of their gender? Hand the class an A2 sheet of paper, and instruct them to create a poster, to be put up in class, which argues the case for female leadership, using past examples in politics, monarchy, and sport.

Is this right?

In life we like to think that everyone has an equal chance of becoming employed, and that America is the land of the free, but in reality this is not true. Everyone doesn't have equal opportunity. Below you will see a group of young women that broke through the barriers of society's closed minded ways of thinking. That women are not natural born leaders like men.