Language Arts Loop

Your News For What's Happening in Room 404! - March 30

Reading News

In Reading this week, students will practice writing their own questions based on text read. Students will read a piece of text (expository or fiction) and then spend time creating questions for others to answer from the text. The critical thinking it takes to develop well-written questions is a skill that transfers to the students simply answering questions later. After writing their own questions, student will swap both text and questions with another student or group, answer the questions and then spend time in discussion about their chosen answers. There will be NO reading homework this week. Next week, homework resumes with a reading STAAR formulated packet.

Writing News

Our students will take the Writing STAAR test on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Each day consists of about 17 revise and edit questions and a written composition. Students will write a personal narrative and an expository essay. We have prepared well and practiced often so our students are ready to SHINE!! Please share a few encouraging words as your child parts from you on Monday and Tuesday morning. Testing days can be long for our students and our lunch time will be at 12:30, which is much later than our regular time. The students will be provided a snack and water bottle but are welcome to bring other snacks from home.

Grammar & Spelling

There will be no spelling this week. Students will continue to apply spelling rules and grammar skills in writing and through revising and editing on the STAAR test. Greek & Latin Root work this week will be with the root tele.

Reminders to Parents

  • March 30 & 31 - STAAR Writing Test
  • April 3 - Good Friday - NO SCHOOL
  • April 10 - 5th Six Weeks Ends
  • April 21 - STAAR Math Test
  • April 22 - STAAR Reading Test