STAR Light

Edition #3 -September 8, 2015

EOY Data!

South is a "B" school overall that exceeded growth.

South is a "A" for Math and a "B" for reading.

MGSD 3rd grade scores ranked 2nd in the state!

MGSD overall as a district is ranked 3rd in the state!

mClass Update

Teachers...Thanks for a great job getting started with your assessments. If you have a student still not in the system the district will put them in and Dr. Hill sent a spreadsheet today (9/8) for you to fill out.

3rd Grade BOG

On Wednesday 9/9 the 3rd graders will take the BOG3 reading pretest in the morning. All testing procedures for the building should be in place. Quiet in hallways, avoid playgrounds and bathrooms near 3rd grade rooms until testing is complete. Thanks for your cooperation!

Staff Meeting

On Wednesday 9/9 we will have a meeting about MTSS from 3:30-4:30 in the reading room for ONLY certified staff.

Girl Scout Rally

Around 9:00am on Thursday 9/10 we will call all eligible (I believe it's for 1st-3rd) girls to the GYM for a brief Rally.

South Google Calendar

Please be sure to check the South Google Calendar 2x a day and read the details.

Curriculum Night

Our 2nd/3rd grade Curriculum Night will be on Thursday 9/10 from 5:30-7:30. At 5:30 all of 2nd grade parents will receive a presentation from Administration and then proceed to their child's classroom. 3rd grade parents will begin at 6:30. Make sure your slides/information is translated and be sure to have a sign in sheet that I will need afterwards.


The PTSO purchased some more Walkie Talkies for certain staff members who are mobile to improved our SAFETY at the school. With that said...please be sure we are using the Walkies for Recess.

Highlight of the week!

South has all the tools for continuous growth and BEST school in the STATE by every measure. For example the ALL PRO DAD turnout on Friday was AMAZING. Lots of fathers and male role models engaged and Prideful to be part of the SOUTH Family!
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