Elementary Counseling

Copenhagen Central School

Happy Kids

This year in the elementary classes, students have been learning some great skills for experiencing happiness and success. Students know that being proactive means that they are in control of their words, thoughts, actions and feelings. The piece of being proactive that the majority of students remember best is choosing to do what they know is right even if others are not and even if no one is watching. I have observed many students standing up for others, picking up trash, returning dropped items, etc. There have been several students who knew something was wrong but weren't quite sure what to do about it and asked teachers for help to solve a tough problem. This is great!

Our elementary students know that they can set goals and make a plan to reach their goals. This can be as simple as becoming more fluent with math facts, learning letters and sounds to more complex goals like future college and career plans. Along with goal setting, we've learned that we have to prioritize our time. When we spend time on the most important things first, we are more likely to reach our goals and we usually have time to do the other fun things in life that we enjoy.

This month, we have been learning to solve problems and conflicts in ways that help all of us win. Students know that it's important to think about the feelings of others and it's also important to be aware of their own feelings. We've talked about how to come up with win-win solutions by identifying the problem, coming up with creative ways to make both people happy and being a good friend while working towards the solution. The students had great examples of conflicting wishes of friends and family members like choosing what game to play or where to go out to eat. Our elementary students are very thoughtful and were excellent at coming up with many different win-win solutions. Thank you parents for sending us such amazing children to teach!

Next month we will focus on learning an important communication skill: listening and trying to understand what we are hearing.

If you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to call or email anytime.

Christina Petersen