West Taylor Elementary School

2021 Newsletter

Summer School 2021

This year Summer School is open to all 1st-12 grade Taylor County students. It starts July 6th through August 5th.

Transportation is provided

Personalized lessons

Free meals

Afternoon enrichment activities

Weekly trip to the pool

Field trips

Call Mindi Miller @ 304-265-2497 x 1150

Absence Excuses Online

School Pictures--April 14th

Parents of PreK: Please drive around the back to the Gym door between 8:30 & 9:00 AM. Your child's teacher will be there to greet you. Parents will stay outside while pictures are being taken.

Parents of Virtual students: We are asking for your flexibility for timeframe. We are thinking around noon is when we can begin taking pictures for Virtual students. Your teachers will let you know a more definite time as we work on the schedule.

Student Drop-off & Pick-up (additional notes)

  • Have students ready to exit car when pulled in front of doors for drop-off.
  • Students should be on the passenger side of the car. (It is a two lane and cars pass drop-off cars which is dangerous for you & your child)
  • West Taylor's doors open at 7:30 AM if you are dropping your children off.
  • Parent Pick-Up will begin at 2:30. The line will now be longer with WTES students being in full attendance.
  • Make sure the PPU yellow tags are visible for the staff to enter.
  • Students should enter your vehicle through the passenger side. (Again, this is for their safety).
  • Pull forward or pull in front parking lot to finish buckling your child in their seat.

No students will be dismissed from the office between 2:00 & 2:30.

Big picture
Big picture

Kid Connect

Welcome to WV Kids Connect

Governor Jim Justice recently announced the West Virginia Kids Connect Initiative. WV Kids Connect is designed to support the learning needs of children who do not have access to the Internet at their home. By installing the necessary equipment, all public schools, higher education institutions, county libraries and state parks will be turned into wifi hotspots. From the comfort and security of your vehicle, a student will be able to access the Internet to complete their school assignments.

Operating hours: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. every day (including weekends and holidays). Located in parking lot closest to the road at WTES.

Summary of 2020-21 School Year Dates

Below is a link to download a summary of dates important to school.

Stories with Steve

Steve Engle visited West Taylor for the past two years and read to some of the classes. His son, Chad, created a website and recorded the stories for all to hear. The link is below.

Office 365 Tutorials

Would you like some help with Office 365 components? Click on the following link, and you will learn about TEAMS, Outlook, Sway, and more. Check back for updates!

How to get to iReady

On an iPad: ClassLink App

On a computer: https://launchpad.classlink.com/tcswv

Accurate Parent Information

Please make sure that your teacher has your correct e-mail address and phone number. If either changes, please inform the teacher.

Box Tops for Education

  • PTO is still accepting cut from products. Put them in a baggie with the class name on it and send it to school.
  • Click on the image and join Box Tops for Education. Sign up for West Taylor. Use the app to scan receipts. Yes, we still will take the Box Tops that you have cut and saved for us!


Grades 2, 3, & 4 use LiveGrades. Parents can monitor grades using this website. If you do not have a Username/Password, please give Ms. Fisher a call at 304.842.0540. Provide your child's name and grade, then the information will be sent home to you.