Our Class Newsletter

Ms. Lethbridge's and Mrs. Weiss' Class

Writing Workshop Wonders

We have been writing away the past couple of months and are already growing as writers. So far we have written two personal narrative stories that we have shared with the "world." In addition to those, we have been busy blogging other fun things, so check it all out on our blog!

Tip: Did you know you can filter the writing you see on the blog? If you go to the right hand side of the site, you can search by topic, or click on your child's name and see only the writing that they have done.

Our Reading Lives

Together we have been building our reading lives while becoming strong, thoughtful readers who interact with our books. We are working to comprehend our reading while choosing books that are just right for us. In our next unit, we will "follow characters into meaning" and study story elements in fiction texts. It's important to remember to read daily; your child can read to themself, to someone, or listen to someone read as they complete their weekly reading log.


Our mathematicians have have been working hard! Recently, the students have used their reading skills to help them analyze word problems using bar models. They’re ready to tackle any word problem now!

For the past few weeks we have been analyzing multiplication and examining it in many ways. The students now know 5 different strategies for solving a multiplication problem. Ask them about cookies, arrays, area models, number lines, and repeated addition! Your support in helping your children practice their multiplication facts has been great. We are seeing so much growth each week on our facts tests! Next up…. DIVISION!

Content Areas

Social Studies

As geographers, we studied the world and found locations on maps and globes. We are now ready to virtually travel and learn about the United States of America. We will study the Pilgrims and Wampanoags along with the events surrounding the First Thanksgiving, which will lead to a study of Government.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, we will be taking virtual field trips to Plimoth Plantation, where we will "talk with the Pilgrims, visit their village, step aboard the Mayflower, and explore the Wampanoag Homesite." To explore at home, visit: http://www.scholastic.com/scholastic_thanksgiving/.


Our scientists had a blast in the first marking period examining Forces & Interactions! They’ve put on their thinking caps to work together on labs and experiments. From marbles to magnets to marshmallows, they learned through hands-on activities. Isn’t science fun?!

As we enter our second marking period, our scientists are becoming meteorologists! Our Weather & Climate unit will provide the classes with many opportunities to examine the world around them through more engaging and hands-on experiments and labs. We’ve already begun charting and graphing Vernon’s daily weather. Ask them about the Weatherlink on the vtsd website. Soon the third graders of Cedar Mountain will be providing a daily weather report to the school!

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Party

Wednesday, 11/25

Ms. Lethbridge's and Mrs. Weiss' homerooms will be having their Thanksgiving parties on Wednesday, November 25. If you are interested in helping, please let your child's homeroom teacher know.