3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending May 6, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Adams

We ran out of time on Friday to take spelling tests, so we will be taking them Monday morning. Sorry!

Every Friday in the month of May is "Fruity Friday". We're trying to encourage healthy snacks during lunch (and snack time). Please help your child make healthy choices by sending him/her with a fruit on Fridays (or every day if you want!) :)

Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy the weekend! Hoping for some sunshine!!!

Opinion Speeches on Seesaw

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by Harry and Liam

You may have heard of a seesaw but we used a different seesaw. It is an app called Seesaw! Seesaw is used in many different ways. We used it on our strong opinion speeches. We videotaped our partner saying his or her onion speech. Then we turned it into a video that the class can watch on our “feed page”. We could even “like” each other’s speeches. If we finished early, we were able to play around with the app and make really cool videos where we drew and spoke on the iPad. It was like a talking whiteboard. Playing on Seesaw was fun!

Social Studies... New Jersey's Land

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Book Clubs

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By: Ryka, Chloe and Allie :)

This week in reading in 3A, we started reading chapter books. Two groups read "Mouse and the Motorcycle" and one group read "James and the Giant Peach". We will get assigned a certain amount of chapters to read for homework. Also, we got activity packets to do about the book we're reading, when we are not in guided reading groups. While we're reading, we jot down words we don't know and "I Statements", then we talk about them with Mrs. Adams and our group during guided reading groups. 3A enjoys these wonderful new books. That's what 3A did in our new book clubs!

Buddies Fix the World

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by Rebecca and Lilly

Did you ever have a buddy? Well we have! This week, 3A went to our kindergarten buddies and made a fun craft. We drew an earth on a coffee filter and then squirted it with water. The colors blended together and looked so awesome. Then we traced our hands and our buddies hands and glued them on our big paper. We wrote a title of how we can save or fix the earth. At the bottom, we wrote different ways to fix the earth. Finally, we put a bandaid on the earth to show it broken and us fixing it. This was a fun way to celebrate Earth Day with our buddies!

Buzz Lineyear!

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by Sinjin and Willy

Have you ever heard of the movie "Buzz Lineyear"? We learned about him and his brothers in math. Did you know that Buzz Lightyear had a twin brother named Buzz Lineyear? He says "To infinity and beyond, in both directions!". His brother, Ray, says "To infinity and beyond, in one direction only". And their baby brother wants to go too, so he says "I want to go too, I'm a line segment!" Buzz Lineyear is a line, Ray is a ray, and the little brother is a line segment. Math is fun!
3A Buzz Lineyear

Partial Product Kites

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Introducing our Star Student... Chloe!