Taylor Anderson

Description of the job

A pediatrician advises patients, parents, or guardians about diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention in children. They collect medical reports and medical history, and examine children regularly. They explain procedures the children may undergo, monitor the conditions of children, and re-evaluate previous treatments. Pediatricians also prescribe medications, vaccinations, therapy, and anything else necessary to treat minor illnesses.

Personal characteristics needed

There are three major personality characteristics needed by a pediatrician.

1.) Investigative- A thinker, analyzes things different ways to solve a problem

2.) Social- A helper, likes being around people and socializing

3.) Enterprising- A persuader, likes to convince other people of your ideas

Education needed

A pediatrician needs four years of undergrad school, four years of medical school (some schools can combine them to make it only six years instead of eight), and three to eight years of internship and residency. To be a pediatrician you need to graduate from an accredited medical school, pass a licensing exam, and complete one to seven years of graduate medical education. In all you should have twelve plus years of post secondary education.

Work Setting

This job requires lifting of ten to twenty pounds, doing a lot of walking and/or standing, being exposed to disease and infections weekly, seeing clearly up close, spending a lot of time indoors, speaking clearly and being able to understand others. Pediatricians also have to work irregular hours including overtime work and weekend work.


Entry level:

Annual- $113,460

Hourly- $54.55


Annual- $170,550

Hourly- $82.00

The outlook of this job is increasing about 21% yearly, with about 40 job openings per year.

What I think

I think this would be a great job for me because I've always wanted a job that involved me working with children, and helping people. This job offers plenty of that. I've also been able to be nicer to children than I am to adults, although I can if it's necessary. This job also offers enough of a salary for me to provide for myself and whoever else I am responsible for.