Welcome To 4th Grade

by Cassidy Guetersloh

Fun things.

You can take off your shoes.In Mrs. Homens room she sometimes will let you pick your spot.After the STAAR test you will get to do fun activities. Sometimes after you finish your test you can take a nap.At lunch you can talk the whole time.

Feild trips.

First we went to Ag In The Bag. It had tones of animals and other things that we could learn about. Then we went to South Planes Electric Cooperative to learn many things.After the STAAR we are going to watch a movie.At the end of the year we are going to Joy Land.

Things I Learned.

I've learned about Texas history.I learned about decimals.We learned how to code spelling words. I've learned new words off of wordly wise.I have learned how to write a story correctly.

Special Favorites.

In music we get to play Recorders.In art we get to do harder drawings.We go first thing in the morning to specials.

Things About The Classroom.

We have a pretty blue color all over the room.We have cool lanterns in our room.Mrs. Homens wall has cute quotes.We have cute blue lamps. We have a big picture frame.

Things about teachers.

Mrs. Barbour has amazing style. Mrs. Homen lets you sit on her counter. Mrs. Barbour is funny and awesome! Mrs. Homen is always pretty. Mrs. Barbour makes sure we are never leaving people out.

Tips for 4th grade.

Don't start drama save it for your lama. Don't make Mrs. Barbour or Mrs. Homen mad. Do your homework or you will get a folder pole.

Be awesome and have fun!