Wanted: Number 94 Plutonium

$5,000 Reward

Information about this perpetrator

  • Wanted for the making of nuclear bombs-made in America, Russia, and all over the world-and being extremely radio active. It is a danger to humans, animals and plants alike
  • Accomplices are Glenn Seaborg, Arthur Wahl, and Joseph Kennedy
  • First seen on December 14th, 1940 in The University of California
  • first identified as criminal on February 23, 1941

  • Oxides Plutonium Dioxide(PuO2)

Can be mixed with uranium dioxide (UO2) for use as reactor fuel

First arrest: First arrested on December 14th, 1940 In California in the University of California.

Last seen: Plutonium was last seen in Nagasaki, Japan in the fat man bomb during WW2.


  • Born: April 19, 1912, Ishpeming, MI
  • Died: February 25, 1999, Lafayete, CA
  • Discovered: Plutonium and Californium
  • Awards: Nobel Pecae Prize in Chemistry


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