Dolphin Tales

2018-2019 School Year

Third Quarter Connections at Disney Elementary

Dolphin Tales is an end of the quarter e-newsletter for us to share some of the wonderful events that took place during the quarter. TEAM DISNEY believes that positive partnering with parents is truly the only way to make our team stronger.

Positive Partnering Tip:

Teach organization to encourage responsibility for learning.

Your child’s organizational skills affect his/her performance in school. As students get older, their ability to keep track of their schoolwork, and to plan and follow through on assignments, becomes increasingly important. To help your child stay organized, have them:

  • Record all assignments Students can record their assignments in a planner or notebook. Review their planner with them each day. You both will be able to see what they have to do for each subject, all in one place. Encourage them to write their assignments in complete sentences so they will be able to understand them later. It will also help you as the two of you review.

  • Create checklists. Whether it is a list of items they need to bring for an activity in class or things to check when they proofread their writing, making a checklist will help them remember everything.

  • Break long-term projects into smaller pieces. Help them figure out what they need to do and plan how much time each step will take. Then, help them schedule the time they need to complete that task. Younger students can bring chores or other to-do lists into smaller chunks in order not to be overwhelmed.

  • Write their due dates, test dates and activities on the family calendar. If everyone’s commitments are in one place, you will be able to spot any conflicts in time to make adjustments.

Reprinted from Helping Children Learn

SNAPSHOTS from Third Quarter

Character Counts

This school year, we have continued our character education program called "Character Counts." Our Third Character Counts word was "creativity."

Mrs. Bennett, our school counselor, introduced the character word "creativity" during our morning announcements, and through her counselor lessons. Classroom teachers followed-up by incorporating the word into their reading or writing lessons, and our longtime community partner, Seminole Baptist Temple, helped host our Creativity Character Counts Assembly.

Please take time to watch the TEAM DISNEY "Creativity" video below.

Connect with Us

Dunk-it with Dr. Miller - Informal time for parents to come to Disney and visit with Dr. Miller about anything Disney related. Our final Dunk-it with Dr. Miller for this school year is scheduled for April 16, 2019, 8:20-8:50 a.m.