by, William Shakespeare

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The production of Macbeth

Sunday, May 17th, 7pm

21 New Globe Walk Bankside london SE1 9DT (The Globe Theater)

History of the Globe
This event is at the historical play globe Theater. The Globe is only a few hundred yards from the actual site of which was an Elizabethan Theatre which opened in Autumn 1599. Most of Shakespeare's post 1599 plays were staged at the Globe, including Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear and Hamlet. On june 29, 1613 the Theatre went up into flames during a performance, the Globe was closed down by the Puritans in 1642. It was destroyed in 1644 to make room for tenements. The exact location remained unknown until remnants of its foundation were discovered in 1989.

Macbeth Acts

  • Act one: This act is opened by the three weird Sisters. A war is taking place in Scotland and Norway. Scotland is victorious due to the valiant efforts of Macbeth. King Duncane decides to reward Macbeth with the title of Thane of Cawdor to show his gratitude. The screen shifts to the battle ground where Macbeth is told that he will be king . Lady Macbeth learns of this news and immediately plots the death of king Duncan.
  • Act two: Macbeth still has some doubts but he soon talks to himself into following through with the murder . Macbeth freaks out so lady Macbeth finishes the job by wiping blood on the drunk guards. The next morning, Macduff and Lennox arrive at Macbeths, and Macduff discovers the dead body of king Duncan. The guards are immediately to blame and Macbeth kills them out of sorrow and rage. The kings sons flee the castle cause they are afraid they will be blamed for their fathers murder.
  • Act three: Banquo begins to suspect Macbeth for the murder of the king. So Macbeth decides to send some thugs to go and kill Banque and his son, Fleance. Fleance escapes. While attending a banquet the ghost of banquo visits Macbeth he starts to throw a fit and lady Macbeth tries to cover his actions. By the end of this act we find out that Macduff has not attended the banquet because he is suspicious of Macbeth and is searching for answers.
  • Act four: Macbeth confronts the three weird sisters and they show him more visions. He believes from these visions that he will not be able to be killed by any man. So he plans to send murderers to the castle of Macduff in order to kill him and his family. While Macduff is begging Malcome to seize the throne of Macbeth that he has become a tyrant. He finally agrees to wage war with Macbeth in Scotland.
  • Act five: Lady Macbeth has now gone crazy with guilt from the murders and no one is able to help her. Macbeth is not concerned about the war cause he still believes that no man born from a women will be able to kill him. But then he discovers that Macduff was ripped from his Mothers side not born. So Macbeth is killed by Macduff. Malcome then becomes the rightful king of Scotland

Life of William Shakespeare

The production of Macbeth was originally written by the famous William Shakespeare. He was an English poet, playwright, and actor. He is known as one of the greatest writer in the English language. In his early life thought no birth records were ever discovered it was said that he was baptized on April 23, 1564 at trinity church. He was the third child of John Shakespeare a leather merchant. He was said to attend the kings new school which taught him how to read and write. Shakespeare married and had 3 children. After the birth of the children there was several years where there was no record of William. But in 1592 there was evidence that William started to act and become a playwright and had many plays produced. By 1597 15 out of the 37 plays of his were published. Thats when he started to become known as one of the greatest play writers known. By 1599 William and his partner built their own theater on the south bank. Which they called the globe. Later on it is said that William Shakespeare died on his birthday but his death and when will always be a mystery.
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