Hurricanes are a mess of fun;)


Hurricanes are unsettled air that form over the sea.Hurricanes can reach up to winds of 160 kilometers per hour.Hurricanes consume energy from warm bodies of water

which then rises up into the air and become clouds which then lets out energy.Hurricanes lose energy every time they move over cold bodies of water.When the hurricane gets anywhere below the speed of 74 miles per hour it is no longer considered a hurricane.

A hurricane looks very similar to a circle when looked at from above in the sky.The very center of a hurricane can reach up to 40 kilometers per

hour.Most hurricanes begin or start occurring during the fall or summer.Rarely,but at times tornadoes form during a hurricane.They reach up to 150 miles per hour and are born on the right side of a hurricane.Hurricanes are proven to be earths most deadly and violent storms.

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Hurricane facts

in 1998 a hurricane killed around the number of 10,000 people.Some hurricane surges can reach up to the expand of 30 feet.In 2004 hurricane Ivan spawned 120 tornadoes in a single 1979 the eye of one hurricane was 870 millibars.
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Hurricane part 2

Hurricanes mostly form in big spaces with very low pressure points

More stuff about hurricanes

Most hurricanes die down when its breeze is at/or below seventy-four miler per hour.
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A Hurricanes life cycle

A hurricane starts out as a small breeze and then grows into a big storm that reaches winds up to 100 miles per hour.
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Hurricane - Facts and Information