4th Grade All Stars

February 7, 2014

Upcoming Events

February 11: Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction
February 12: Family Math Night rescheduled (English night) 5:30-7:45

February 12: Ms. Schreiner's class goes to the Book Fair

February 13: Mrs. Dailey's class goes to the book fair

February 13: Candy grams due

February 13: AR Party (15 points from 12-13 to 2-12)

February 14: Science test on weather


February 24: Skate Night at Fundome

March 4: Fantasy book project DUE!

Math and Science

Math- We are working on division! Things are going pretty well so far, students seem confident with the standard division equation. Students still need to practice multiplication facts to help them with their division!

Science- We are we are still learning about weather! This includes learning about our atmosphere, weather properties, weather measurement tools, and types of weather patterns. Students are really enjoying learning about weather (especially with all the crazy weather we have been having) but they really need to be practicing their weather vocabulary! (for example: they still like to say it is raining versus saying it is precipitating).

Students are also in their final stages of their feature article. We are typing them this week and next week!

Our test will be next Friday. Look for study guides to go home middle of next week. If we have a few snow days before the test, we will take an extra day to review when we get back.


Mrs. Dailey's class has PE on Monday.
Ms. Schreiner's class has PE on Thursday.

Reading and Social Studies

*BOOK PROJECT INFORMATION* Students have chosen their fantasy book project books. Their reading log is different his time around. For the month of February, students will be writing a short summary on what they read each night. If it is not completed for homework, it will be done during study hall for half credit. Once the students finish reading their book project book, they may choose any book they want to read at home, but they still need to complete the summary reading log.

If you ever misplace the reading log, rubric, or instructions for the book project, additional copies can be found on my class website: http://www.boone.kyschools.us/olc/class.aspx?id=4574&s=1256. You can access it through the OES home page.

This week we will finish up our Martin Luther King research. We are also going to tie in the Weather unit from science class by reading some weather poems, nonfiction, and fictional stories about weather-related events.

In Writing this week, we will take time to have "Author's Chair" so the students can share their pourquoi tales with the class.

In Language Arts, we will continue studying verbs. We have discussed action verbs and tenses and now we will talk about helping verbs and linking verbs.

Social Studies: This week we will continue studying government. We will be discussing the differences between rights and responsibilities and also the services the government provides.

Notes from the teacher