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A newsletter for dairy producers - February 2018

Apps Help Manage Data For Dairymen

By: Fred M. Hall, Northwest Iowa Extension Dairy Specialist, Iowa State University

Whether you go to the App Store for an Apple product or Google Play for an Android, you have lots of choices. I ask myself, what do I really need to have the app do? Do I just want to track the butter and cheese market or find the cash price of corn at locations within 20 miles of home? Or do I want an app that will record the information I need when applying a restricted use pesticide? Knowing how you will use the information from the app is vital to picking the right one. Continue...
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I-29 Moo University Dairy Beef Short Course

Featuring Informal Conversations, Health Protocols and Market Analysis

March 27, 2018


8:00 am – Register & load

8:15 am – Depart from Denny Sanford Premier Center

9:15 am – Binford Farms – Luverne, MN

  • Binford Farms is a family operation owned by Grant & Rebecca and Eric & Shari Binford. They have 7 children between the two families ranging in ages from 15 to 4 years of age that they hope will become the next generation in agriculture. Binford Farms is a farmer feeder operation with management divided between Grant managing the cattle feeding and Eric managing the farming and trucking aspects of the business. The operation has primarily fed Holsteins since 2002 from 350 pounds to finish with some Holstein calves in the mix.

10:45 am – Depart for Tri-State Livestock Auction

11:45 – 12:30 pm – Lunch at Tri-State Livestock Auction in Sioux Center, IA

12:30 pm – Tri-State Livestock – Sioux Center, IA

  • Mike Koedam, co-owner & cattle buyer will provide us with his insights regarding the buying and selling of dairy beef. Tri-State Livestock auction market sells all classes of livestock specializing in dairy cattle. They believe that true market value of your livestock can only be achieved through competitive bidding which only an auction can provide.

1:45 pm – Depart for Rock River Feeders

2:00 pm – Rock River Feeders – Rock Valley, IA

  • Rock River Feeders is a family owned and operated feedlot in Sioux County, Iowa. Kent and Sylvia Pruismann, along with other family members, have taken great care to develop the feedlot with special attention to animal well-being, environmental sustainability and the incorporation of new technologies. The feedlot currently houses 3500 head of cattle in outside yards meeting all federal and state manure management regulations. Kent is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Board, so it is no surprise that Beef Quality Assurance is the normal mode of daily operation. All cattle are tagged upon arrival with an electronic identification tag, which is used to track animal origin, health and movement. Placement weight of incoming calves averages 270 pounds. The feedlot rations are a TMR consisting of earlage, corn, wet distillers grains and mineral supplementation. They market their dairy steers on a high energy grid to JBS in Wisconsin.

3:15 pm – Leave for Sioux Falls

4:30 pm – Return to Sioux Falls Denny Sanford Premier Center


$30 / person to attend (Includes transportation, snacks and lunch).

  • Registration Deadline – March 23, 2018
  • Register On-line: iGrow.org


  • Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist

E-mail: Tracey.Erickson@sdstate.edu

Phone: 605-882-510

  • Fred Hall, ISU NW Iowa Dairy Specialist

Email: FredHall@iastate.edu

Phone: 712-737-4230

  • Keela Fick, SW Minnesota Dairy Initiative

Email: keela.fick@co.pipestone.mn.us

Phone: 507-290-0576

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Animal Diseases to Know Before You Show

By Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

2018 Animal Care Wednesday Webinars
Husbandry Practices in the Spotlight

January 3, 2018 kicked off the 2018 Animal Care Wednesday Webinar series. Keeping animals healthy is always the first priority of every animal caregiver, young and old. Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, State Veterinarian in South Dakota, provided listeners with a great list of the common diseases to be aware of and watch for in animals for show or exhibition. Additionally, Dr. Oedekoven shared a few of the diseases that are more common in commercial settings or have been in the headlines. Continue...

So You Need Some Extra Labor Force on the Farm?

By Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist

As the American farm continues to grow and evolve, the need for extra labor within these operations is also exhibiting the same parallel trend. Unfortunately, many of us as agriculture producers did not sign on to become human resource managers, when we entered into the occupation of agricultural production. In addition, agricultural producers, as a group, tend to be very independent, do it ourselves types, and the transition into being people managers instead of maybe “livestock or crop managers” is not the easiest. Thus, if we are going to be successful in the future and our success is dependent upon hired labor, we need that managers must develop the skills to manage people. Continue...
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Calendar of Events

NOTE: All event times are listed as CST.



27: Nebraska State Dairy Association annual convention; Ramada Hotel and Conference Center, Columbus, NE


7: ACWW webinar; Sustainability's role in animal care and health - Where are we at? Ben Weiheimer. Click here for details and to join.

27: I-29 Moo University Dairy Beef Short Course Tour; Featuring Informal Conversations, Health Protocols and Market Analysis. Visit iGrow.org for more details.


4: ACWW webinar; Livestock housing: care considerations for bedding choice and management - Beth Doran. Click here for details and to join.

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