Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring – a cut above the rest

If you want to splurge on a beautiful engagement ring for your partner, then there’s probably no other way to cement that special day but with a flawless cushion cut diamond engagement ring. She’ll surely love it. With its elegant style and elite design, this cut managed to survive across the ages. It has become very famous more than a century ago but its popularity slowly dwindled after that. More recently, word about this particular cut is quietly reemerging. Perhaps because of its exclusive looks, subtle sparkle and sensual shape, this cut has started to trend again in many modern-day rings. It comes as no surprise why this particular cut is of high demand nowadays.

It’s best to do a search in advance so you can select the best cushion cut diamond engagement ring and never end up running out of stock. So if you’re planning on buying one for occasions like your proposal less than a year from today, better buy it now! To add, cuts like these are sometimes not sold in contemporary jewelry shops making them even harder to find. But surely, they are more common in antique stores and can be ordered more easily online.

Your partner will surely love this particular cut. Known because of its cushion or pillow-like appearance – typically a square with rounded corners, the cushion cut is also known as candlelight diamonds because they are said to have been designed way back before the advent of the first electric bulbs. This is one throwback trivia that will surely go in handy when you explain to her your choice of diamond shape. Cushion cuts can be presented in various aspects. Some tend to have a more rectangular look while others have rounder sides. Nevertheless, this happens to be the usual choice for those who are having a hard time deciding whether to get the princess cut or the oval shaped diamond since cushion cuts resemble a fair mix of the two.

A cushion cut diamond engagement ring exudes with classic beauty with a bit of complexity. Most modern cushion cuts have four-prong settings. With all of its corners secured, you’ll have a clearer view of the entire stone making it look simple but elegant. Hence, make her wear it during your engagement and for sure she’ll feel like royalty. It will be nothing short of perfect if you choose a cushion cut diamond engagement ring for such a deserving woman as herself.

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