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Weekly Update - November 17, 2014

Week in Review

What a week! We packed in a lot this week. We continued with our new Lewis and Clark unit and started journaling or blogging and reading an interesting book about the voyage. We will continue working on that in reading and writing this week.

We completed Topic 6 in Math this week and we will start Topic 7 this week. I have not had a chance to score the tests yet, since I had a busy weekend.

The biggest news of course was our field Trip to Jeff City. It was successful, and I believe everyone had a good time, although, I think they were all exhausted. Thank you everyone for making it possible and again, a special Thanks to my chaperones, Mrs. Paschen, Mrs. Bartels, Mrs. Bufalo and Mrs. Silver. It is absolutely not possible to do this trip without you!

Weekly Calendar

It is Turkey Feather Drive to raise funds for Toys for Tots. Your student can purchase a feather for $.25 all week. Student Council will take this money and purchase Toys for Toys for Tots program.

The book fair is open this week.

Monday, November 17th

8:00 am Read, Right and Run
2:10 - Book Fair Preview
Reading Logs for the week of November 10th are Due - Remember your student is working for a special movie day after getting 5 reading logs in a row.
Homework: Practice 7-1, Chapter 5 in Lewis and Clark, Spelling Worksheets

Tuesday, November 18th
2:25pm: Keyboarding - Don't forget your headphones
Homework: Practice 7-2, Journal Entry about Chapter 5

Wednesday, November 19th
7:55am Razzamatazz
2:15 5th Grade Musical
Homework: Practice 7-3

Thursday, November 20th
Homework: Practice 7-4
Dentist at Castlio

Friday, November 21st

Spelling Test
Spelling Worksheets are due.
Meet with our Buddies
Homework 7-5
2:45 Tornado Drill

Week 14

Math: We will start Topic 7 this week.

Reading: In small group, we are going to motor on our books. I also have Kidblog set up for small reading group. So they can either record their responses on Kidblog or they can use the Reading Response packet that I have given them.
We continue the Westward Expansion Unit of Study. We will be learning about expository and narrative non-fiction.
Our read-aloud book is Wonder. I hope to finish this up soon, since this Unit of Study also has a read-aloud that is required.

Writing: Writing assignments will be associated with our reading of the Lewis and Clark book and will be Journal entries made on specific responses provided by me. Please make sure your student is staying on schedule with the class. I hope to make sure that unfinished work will go home.

Social Studies: We will be learning about why the Louisiana Purchase was such an important piece of United States History.

In small reading groups
Purple Group: We are continuing with Tigers at Twilight
Orange Group: We continuing with Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Red Group: We are continuing with Double Fudge.
Blue Group: We are continuing with The Report Card
Book Club: We are continuing with the Lightning Thief

Weekly Objectives


      dge vs. g and k or ck


      Log Ins
      username: first initial followed by last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio), if this does not work, I added a 1 after the students name (example: tlongmore1@castlio)
      password: school id followed by "ca" (example: 123456ca)

      One Drive
      password: 4thGrade!
      For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.

      Voice Threads
      The link has to go to the FHSD subscription, so here is the link
      email: the students ID number (123456)
      password: francis

      You can click on this link and go directly to my site:
      Then select your student's name and their password is 1234. In the future, I will get parent codes in the system, but as of right now, I do not have them.
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