Lewis and Clark expedition

Reason for expedition

Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory, also known as the Louisiana purchase. He wanted them to find easy routes to the Pacific Ocean. He also wanted them to interact with Native American. Finally, discover new plants , animals and other things in the new territiry

First day of travel

The expedition begun at Camp River Dubois , Illinois . They set off in the Mississippi River with an oared river boat , two smaller rowboats and 55 men. They sailed to the first island in the Missouri River and stayed there for the night.

Interactions with the native Americans

When Lewis and Clark first interacted with with native Americans, they knew their orders were to make peace. They traded many things with the natives , things that might not be valuable to them but we're new to native Americans. Lewis and Clark promised more trade and peace when people start to move into the new territory. Most native Americans were glad but some knew that it would never be the same.

Meeting Sacajawea

Sacajawea was an important person on the expedition. Lewis and Clark found her in a tribe. She was married and pregnant but they set off on the journey. With her help Lewis and Clark discovered more things. She also helped them with the land and map since she knew the area and was well aware of what was out there.

Lands, animals and plants

Lewis and Clark faced many different kinds , new plants and new animals along their journey. They discovered many animals we knew today, like the Praire dog, beavers, otters, bears, coyote and a lot more. They also discovered things like bare grass and wild rose. One of they best discovered is the different land structure like the Rocky Mountains, plain grass land, etc.

Challenges faced.

Loews and Clark faced many challenges on the expedition. First, weather. The delt with thunderstorms, hail, winds and it even rained for 12 days strait once! Second, terrain. In the Rocky Mountains it was icy and cold, they had to carry their boats and supplies, it took them 11 days and they nearly starved. Third, many Native American tribes didn't want them on their land. So tribes like the black footed Indians would gang up on the team and try to kill them, luckily no one on the expedition was killed. Finally, they faced insects and animals. They even faced a grizzly bear one time. But the worst was the constant misquiotes , causing itching and swelling.

End of the expedition.

Lewis and Clark did make it to the Pacific Ocean and back. But the route they discovered as not the most easy. Thomas Jefferson still made the right decision the buy the Louisnana purchase and have Lewis and Clark discover it. They discovered many new plants, land, people and animals. Without all this , America wouldn't be the same today.
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