Culture & Ethnic Dance.

These are the first 3 cultural dances.

The Irish Step dance.

In Ireland, about 400 A.D., is when this whole Irish step dancing started.So, there isn't a necessary time that Irish step dancing really started because they say it started before time. Some people would do religious rituals honoring the oak tree and the sun by preparing a traditional Irish step dance. There is a story to say that there is an "Traveling Dance Master", who would go around teaching peasants how to o the Irish step dance.

The meaning of the the Irish step dancing, is to represent where they have gone all over the world, including; North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Africa.

Rajasthani Ghoomar.

Rajasthani Ghoomar dancning is taken place in India. It's a traditional folk dance. It's specifically for women to get together for a ladies gathering. This is for women to sing to each other and swirl around in circular fashions. This dance is very skillful and enjoyable for anyone at any age group. The women wear these long flow skirts so they can fly up as they twirl.

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake originated in the 1980's for people to Harlem. Harlem, meaning the center of black culture.

"During the 1920s,Harlem was the site of a great upsurge in black literature, music, and theater known as the Harlem Renaissance."

Harlem Shake (IMWe scouting edition)
Rajasthani folk dancers perform at Surajgarh fort
Traditional Irish Dancers